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Best Time Of Year To Get Married in Mexico

Planning a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort in one of Mexico’s top locations like: Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, or Los Cabos is EXCITING, but it can also be overwhelming—especially in the beginning!

If you’re just starting to think about having a destination wedding in Mexico, you probably have lots of questions. One of the first questions that many of my couples ask me is when is the best time of year to get married in Mexico?

As with most things, this question doesn’t really have a hard and fast answer. The “best” can vary from person to person depending on your personal preferences and priorities, but here are some of the most important factors to consider when trying to choose which month to get married in Mexico.

Destination wedding guests on the beach in Mexico.
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Preferred Dates

First, you’ll want to think about dates that work for you as the wedding couple, of course, as well as checking with your VIP guests to see if they have any major conflicts that would prevent them from attending. You don't want to go down the rabbit hole of trying to find a date that works perfectly for everyone, but knowing about deal breakers for your closest guests can prevent problems down the road.

High/Low Season

Similar to other tourist destinations, Mexico has a high season (December to April) and a low season (May to November). High season typically means more people (picture crowded airports and busier resorts) and higher rates due to increased demand. In contrast, low season is the opposite of this with relatively fewer people traveling and lower rates.

As you can imagine, more people are heading to tropical places like Mexico in the winter months to escape the cold. Within the winter months, however, rates are usually more affordable in December (not including the holidays) through the first half of February, whereas prices are pretty consistently the highest from March to early April (spring break). You'll also run into very high rates around major holidays, like Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter.

If you’re hoping to keep costs down for your wedding, the low season may be appealing, but be sure to read on for some cons you’ll want to consider about this time of year.

EXPERT TIP: Summer is a popular time for families to travel since kids are out of school so expect there to be even more children at family-friendly resorts—this is especially true for families from hotter parts of the U.S. where they're wanting to escape the extreme heat in July and August.


Weather plays a crucial role in choosing when to have your destination wedding in Mexico. There are three main things to think about when it comes to weather: temperature/humidity, rain, and hurricanes.

While Mexico generally has warm and sunny days year-round, the summer months are usually the hottest and most humid. This can be a great thing when you’re sitting in the pool sipping cocktails at the swim-up bar, but may not be so great when you’re all gussied up for a wedding.

On the flip side, a cool breeze in the winter months can sometimes feel a little chilly in the evenings, but I say throw on a light sweater and you'll be good to go—your hair and makeup will thank you later!

INSIDER TIP: Guests will think you’re a hero if you add a few thoughtful touches to help them with the heat like: handheld fans, umbrellas, a cold towel, or even a welcome popsicle.

Rainy Season

Mexico’s rainy season starts in May and ends in November with September and October usually being the wettest months. It’s good to remember that a rainy “day” in Mexico is often more like a tropical afternoon shower that passes through pretty quickly, but there can also be days where the rain lasts longer which can obviously put a damper on your plans.

Most all-inclusive resorts in Mexico have a backup venue option in case of rain, but this is something important to ask about if you’re considering having your wedding during this time of year. If you want to play it safe, then you’ll want to choose a date during the drier months from December to April—keeping in mind that it still occasionally rains even during dry season.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season technically runs from June through November with the peak being from late August through early October. Now, traveling during hurricane season isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker for everyone and just because it’s “hurricane season”, doesn’t mean a hurricane is for sure going to happen during your travel dates - BUT, you’ll want to carefully consider if the risk is worth it.

Rescheduling your own trip due to a hurricane is one thing, but can you imagine the nightmare of having to do this with a large group of people who all have their own schedules to consider?! Not to mention there's the possibility of a hurricane happening shortly before your wedding causing damage to the resort or worse, having a hurricane make landfall while you and your family and friends are in destination. Talk about a quick way to spoil the fun!

EXPERT TIP: If the summer is the only time that works for you because of work obligations or other reasons, I’d suggest sticking with June or early July; or if you’re open to changing destinations, you could check out the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) which are considered to be outside of the hurricane belt.


Have you heard of something called sargassum? If not, a quick Google search will show you some wild pictures of what this stuff looks like. It’s basically a specific type of seaweed that affects the east coast of Mexico (and certain islands in the Caribbean, like the Dominican Republic), and it’s a nasty bugger.

Sargassum tends to be worse in the warmer months e.g., spring through fall, but it can come and go throughout the year and makes the beaches unusable at times—sometimes piling up so high that there's even a strong stench from it. Not exactly what you’re envisioning for your wedding vibe, right?

EXPERT TIP: If you’re set on having your wedding on the east coast of Mexico and are hoping to reduce your risk of dealing with large amounts of sargassum, then I’d point you towards Cancun and areas further north like Playa Mujeres or Costa Mujeres which are often less affected. Otherwise, while there’s never a guarantee with Mother Nature and any beach can have seaweed on it, areas on the west coast of Mexico, like Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, are not impacted by sargassum specifically.

Turtle Nesting/Hatching Season

Did you know that there is a turtle nesting season in Mexico? Yep, sea turtles start arriving on Mexico’s beaches to nest in May/June and hatching usually occurs from August to early November.

The chance of seeing baby turtles hatching is exciting for more people, but the downside is that there can be government regulations that forbid having events on the beach after a certain time during this period. This can be a dealbreaker if your reception vision is to dance the night away on the beach.

Best Time Of Year To Get Married in Mexico

So, when do I think is the best month for a destination wedding in Mexico? Weighing all of the factors above, I find December (not including the holidays) through the first half of February to be the best time to get married in Mexico. This time period gives you the least chance of rain, mild temperatures, lower humidity, avoids hurricane season, and while rates are going to be higher than the lowest season months (August to October), you’ll save compared to peak travel season months (late February to early April).

EXPERT TIP: There can be blackout dates for group concessions (a.k.a. perks) for dates around holidays, like President’s Day in February, so it's best to avoid these, if possible.

The shoulder season months of May and November are also a good choice for couples who want to cut costs even more and are ok with the increased risk of rain on their big day.

There’s a LOT to think about when it comes to choosing the date for your all-inclusive destination wedding in Mexico. Now that you know all of the factors to consider, it’s time to start planning! Dates at the most popular resorts book up well in advance, so I always recommend getting started as soon as possible (at least 12-16+ months ahead of time) to give yourself the most options to choose from.

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Planning guide created by destination wedding travel agent in Rogers, MN.
Planning guide created by destination wedding travel agent in Rogers, MN.
Planning guide created by destination wedding travel agent in Rogers, MN.
Planning guide created by destination wedding travel agent in Rogers, MN.

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