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What Are The Best Destination Wedding Locations?

If you’re thinking about getting married in a tropical paradise, then you’re probably wondering where is THE BEST location to have your destination wedding.

This is a big decision and you want to make sure you choose somewhere special. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

All Inclusive Destination Wedding Sandals Resorts Jamaica

My top 5 "beachy" destination wedding locations are:



Dominican Republic

St. Lucia

Costa Rica

These are the most popular destination wedding locations because of their beautiful scenery, range of accommodations, ease of travel, and unique wedding venues.

They offer warm temperatures and sunny weather, vibrant culture and friendly people.

There are tons of fun activities to enjoy with your guests.

They have all-inclusive resorts with professional wedding departments that offer affordable wedding packages and group discounts.

And, there are convenient flights from almost anywhere in the U.S. making them easily accessible for family and friends.

Deciding between these destinations is going to depend on several things like: what’s most important to you about the venue, your overall vision, specific activities you might be interested in experiencing, and budget.

There are other factors to consider as well like the time of year and whether you want a legal ceremony or a symbolic one. Some countries have a few more hoops to jump through if you’re wanting a legal wedding, but we can chat more about all of this to see what's going to work the best for you.


I'm here as your destination wedding travel agent to help you narrow things down to find the perfect destination for an amazing celebration!

Say "I do" to destination wedding planning made easy.

CLICK HERE to schedule your complimentary consultation call.

Planning guide created by destination wedding travel agent in Rogers, MN.

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