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Destination Wedding Travel Agent MN


I'm Jodi

, your romance travel planner!

I’ve been crisscrossing the globe ever since I first studied abroad in Italy and Greece during college. While I’ve checked off lots on my bucket list on my own, some of my best travel memories happen when I’m accompanied by my favorite travel partner—my husband, Jordan.


Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: Even though my husband is #1 in my heart … he doesn’t come first on my list all the time. Work, kids, dinner, and the daily grind just get in the way, way too often. 


Traveling together has definitely helped us combat that “two ships passing in the night” feeling. Together, we’ve ziplined through the jungles of St. Lucia on our honeymoon, skied down snowy slopes in Bavaria (an extra special memory because I found out I was pregnant on this trip—after taking a pregnancy test in German!), were toasted by a crowd of locals at a bar in the Cinque Terre for our 10th wedding anniversary, and watched the most epic sunset imaginable from a cliff in Santorini. 


While each of these experiences were hands-down incredible, what I value the most is that these trips gave me meaningful, memory-making, much-needed time with my hubby. 

And that’s exactly what I hope to offer my own clients: a chance to connect amid all the craziness of daily life, where you get to fall even deeper in love against the backdrop of a spectacular destination.

If you’re up to your eyeballs in Pinterest-inspired wedding planning, or you’re simply swamped with the never-ending work and home duties, give yourself the break you deserve and leave the travel arrangements to me.


Before I got into travel, I was an eagle-eyed business analyst for years—so you can bet I’ll take charge of all the details. Plus, with my expansive destination knowledge and worldwide travel connections, I’m really good at pairing you with a place that suits you both, and I’ll ensure you get the VIP treatment when you get there. 

Your wanderlust-fueled “happily ever after” starts here.

So whether you’re after an ultra indulgent honeymoon, destination wedding, or simply a long-overdue “just for two” getaway, 


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