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Souvenirs With Meaning

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a trinket from a trip that you almost immediately forgot about once you got home. It’s a common experience!

It’s easy to breeze through the duty-free area on your way home and pick up a few (dozen) chocolate bars — and sometimes that is just the right thing to do. I’ve certainly done it myself, so no judgment there.

But, if you love to bring back souvenirs that have personal meaning and reflect what was most meaningful to you about your trip, here are some fresh ideas to bring with on your next vacation.

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If the idea of a souvenir is that it is connected to a special place and will spark a fun memory, then these types of things often come from our everyday interactions on a trip.


  • interesting city maps

  • ticket stubs

  • event programs

  • brochures


Try to avoid the touristy shops that only sell mass-produced items. Instead, look for places where you can find authentic, locally made products.


  • art

  • clothing

  • wood carvings

  • crafts

Local Flavor

Of course bearing in mind customs laws, take inspiration from the local culture and pick up some great new foods and drinks that you’ll be able to enjoy back home.


  • spices

  • aged cheese

  • wine

  • liqueur

Practical Items

Consider something you can use in your everyday life that will bring happy memories and offers a reflection of the culture and/or history of where you’ve visited.


  • serving dish

  • cooking utensil or tool

  • table linens

  • coffee or tea mug


These will give a glimpse into the local style and make a statement. Plus, you’ll have a great story to tell with every compliment you receive.


  • jewelry

  • scarf

  • handbag

  • hat

Photos are always my most treasured souvenir when I travel, but other favorites from past trips have been a hand-crafted Backgammon board made of olive wood from Greece, monoi oil from Bora Bora, and a personalized bottle of whiskey from a distillery in Ireland.

Whatever your tastes, there are tons of ways to approach the idea of a souvenir that will ensure you’ll bring something back that will have personal meaning for you and that will spark many wonderful memories long after you’ve come home. And don’t forget the chocolate bars on your way out!

If you’re ready to start your own hunt for the perfect souvenir in the perfect getaway, reach out today and let’s get started!

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