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One of the Most Romantic Places in the World - Greece

Looking for a getaway that’s filled with romance? Look no further than the islands of Greece!

Few places in the world provide the level of romantic charm and ambiance as the Greek Isles. With more than 200 inhabited Greek islands to explore, each with their own unique features and attractions, there’s truly something for every type of traveler.

Santorini Greece Honeymoon Travel

The natural beauty of the Greek Isles is one of their biggest draws. The rugged volcanic black sand beaches of Santorini provide a striking contrast to the whitewashed houses perched up in the hillside villages.

You can see some of the most breathtaking sunsets from the town of Oia here. Or, picture yourselves strolling hand-in-hand along the charming cobblestone streets of Mykonos which are characterized by little white houses, blue windows and doors, and stunning bougainvillea flowers.

The islands of Greece also provide some unique opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs as well. For example, in Crete you can hike the Samaria Gorge one day and then take a magical tour of the ancient archaeological site of Knossos the next day. Some of the oldest European civilizations developed on the Greek islands (e.g. Cycladic, Minoan) and Crete is considered the birth place of Zues from Greek mythology.

Zakynthos Greek Island Beach Honeymoon Travel

Impressive beaches create the ideal setting for soaking up some sunshine and pure relaxation. Water sports lovers can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and more on the islands of Greece.

Sample the authentic Greek cuisine from a quaint seaside café with panoramic views, or foodies can savor the aromatic Mediterranean flavors during a winery tour.

The typical tourist season runs from the end of April through early October with travel peaking during July and August. If you want to avoid the crowds while still enjoying the warm weather, early June and the first part of September are great times to go.

The Greek Isles present the perfect opportunity to escape to one of the most romantic places in the world and have a vacation filled with memorable moments together.

From some of the more well known islands that I’ve mentioned above to the lesser known islands like Naxos, Paros and Zakynthos, each island has its own unique personality. With so many amazing places to visit in Greece, the biggest problem most people have is choosing where to go. Contact me and I’d love to help you find the right island(s) for your own romantic getaway!


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