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Essential Items to Pack for Every Trip

Whether you’re taking a beach vacation or going on an adventure in Europe, as a frequent traveler I’ve learned that there are some things that are ESSENTIAL to every trip.

Besides the basics like travel documents, money, medications, clothes, toiletries etc., here are my top five must-bring items!

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1. Snacks - especially for your travel days! These will come in very handy not only on the plane itself while you’re traveling, but also on your arrival day as it can be quite a while between when you land and when you can actually get a meal in destination.

2. A portable cell phone charger is key to avoid having your battery die when you need it. This is a huge one for me because I love taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures while I'm traveling : )

3. Compact umbrella and/or light rain jacket so you're prepared - hopefully you won't need them, but you just never know when it’s going to rain.

4. Extra zip lock bags and plastic bags can be used for SO MANY THINGS – keeping your electronics/paperwork dry and clean, protecting liquids to prevent spills from ruining everything in your bag, isolating dirty or wet items etc.

5. Journal and pen. I'm not suggesting that you need to spend hours writing long eloquent journal entries on your next vacation - unless you want to, but I do highly recommend making some notes about the things you do and see each day so you can look back after the details have gotten a bit fuzzy.

You can check out my Ultimate Packing List for a complete list of what to bring on your next vacation and my Carry-On Packing List for some things to consider bringing with you to make your flight be as enjoyable as possible!


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