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Mobile Passport Control: How To Speed Through U.S. Customs

Have you heard of Mobile Passport Control (MPC)?

MPC is is a FREE app that’s been officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which allows U.S citizens to submit their passport and customs declaration information via their mobile device instead of the traditional paper form when returning to certain U.S. airports.

In as simple as five steps, you could be saving tons of time on your next international trip!

NOTE: MPC is available at select airports – see the answer to question #2 in this FAQ for the full list.

Mobile Passport Control tool for international travel displaying on cell phone.

5 Easy Steps (complete Steps 1 and 2 before you travel):

1. Download the free Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app.

2. Create a new traveler profile for each family member of the same household traveling together (can scan your passport or manually enter your passport details).

3. AFTER YOU LAND at your port of entry back into the U.S., connect to WiFi or cellular data and submit the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) form in the app. You will need to select "U.S. Airport" as the mode of entry and then select your arrival airport and terminal. You will then take a self photo and answer a series of CBP inspection-related questions.

4. Once your form has been submitted, you will receive an electronic receipt with a QR code.

5. Travelers using MPC will be directed to a specific (often shorter) processing lane for a streamlined entry process where they will show their physical passport and mobile device with their digital QR code receipt.

That’s it! Experienced travelers have found that using MPC can be a great timesaver for those who do not have Global Entry (GE) - or it can even sometimes even be faster than using GE!!


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